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Synergies  Nova works well with any hero that can help her gank enemies. This requires a player who uses their hero to aid Nova in her ganking. Matchups Zagara – 6/10 Creep regen and Hydralisks are a real pain. Zeratul – 9/10 – will jump in to burst you down.    Overview       […]

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Nova Guide: Talents

1 – Ambush Snipe Increases Snipe’s damage by 20% when used from Cloak or within one second of being Cloaked. Adds a significant amount of damage to the initial Snipe. 4 – Envenom Activate to poison an enemy Hero, dealing 179.96 damage over 10 seconds. Adds some extra damage over time that can compliment your burst. 7 – One […]

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Use Cloak to get close to enemies before unleashing your burst damage. Make sure your allies can help you. It is very difficult to burst someone down all the way.    Overview       Abilities        Talents       Matchups    Tips & Tricks

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