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Synergies  E.T.C. Works well with any ranged assassin that he can peel for as well as disrupt the enemies. Matchups E.T.C. does very little damage but is hard to kill. There isn’t really a hero that is a huge threat but there isn’t really a hero that E.T.C. will beat either. He works well with […]

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E.T.C. is often better for peeling than he is for disrupting enemies. Using Guitar Solo To proc Rockstar isn’t a bad idea.    Overview       Abilities        Talents       Matchups    Tips & Tricks  

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E.T.C. Guide: Talents

1 – Rolling Like a Stone Increases the range of Powerslide by 25%. Allows you close cover more ground with Powerslide to disrupt enemies faster or help allies faster. 4 – Double-Necked Guitar Increases Powerslide’s width by 100% and you slide 30% faster. Allows you to stun more targets and decreases the amount of time it takes to reach […]

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