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Tyrande Guide: Abilities

Q – Light of Elune Heal yourself for (74 + 14 per level). If cast on an ally, also heals them for (148 + 28 per level) Health. Should always be cast on something else, even a minion as it always heals you. Can keep an ally topped off and provide a little sustain. W – Sentinel Send an […]

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Beware of interrupts as having Whirlwind interrupted is very painful for you. Don’t engage too far as Sonya cannot escape well.    Overview       Abilities        Talents       Matchups    Tips & Tricks  

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Synergies  Sonya is a melee warrior that cannot peel, meaning she does not compliment other heroes and works alright alone. Matchups   Murky 6/10 – Will slowly kill you with slime Thrall 7/10 – Heals more than you and will beat you in a 1v1. Brightwing 7/10 – Can’t heal when you are a crab. Zagara […]

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