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Q –   Healing Beam

Heal an ally for (40 + 20 per level) health a second as long as they are in range. Reactivate to switch targets, or activate your Trait to cancel the channel. A massive single target healing ability. This is where you need to position yourself according to your team and the enemy team. You need to stay out of range from high damage heroes and sticky heroes that will kill you while also staying close enough to your team to heal them. The ability can go outside of your range for about 1 second and not be canceled if you can return to its range. This cannot be cast on yourself.

W –   Safeguard 

Grant target ally Resistant, reducing damage taken by 25% for 3 seconds. A great ability for reducing burst damage. Can be cast on an ally to give yourself enough time to heal them through the damage. Can also be cast on yourself, keeping yourself alive long enough to escape.

E –   Displacement Grenade 

Fire a grenade that explodes on the first enemy hit, dealing (80 + 20 per level) damage, knocking enemies away. A small knockback to delay pursuing enemies. Is best used to push away a hero that managed to get on top of you, allowing you to escape. Can also be used to push enemies away from allies.

Heroic –   Stim Drone 

Grant an allied Hero 75% Attack Speed and 25% Movement Speed for 10 seconds. Grants a massive attack speed and movement speed bonus to an ally for 10 seconds. Best used on an auto attack hero to massively increase their DPS during a fight.

Heroic –   Medivac Dropship 

Target a location for a Medivac transport. For up to 10.5 seconds before takeoff, allies can right-click to enter the Medivac. A very powerful ability for repositioning your team. Is very tough to use unless the team plans around it as there will rarely be a good opportunity for it.

Trait –  Caduceus Reactor 
Regenerate 3% of your maximum Health every second after not taking damage for 4 seconds. Allows you to heal up out of combat.


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