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We all want access to the Overwatch beta and wondering if we are in causing some anxious moments for many.

Here is an easy way to check if you are in the Overwatch Beta or not:

  1. First, you did sign-up right?  If not.  Head over to your account at and ensure that you have toggled Overwatch on in your Beta Profile Settings.
    1. Click on your username in the upper right after logging in and choose Account Settings.
    2. Then Beta Profile Settings. (way over on the far right)
  2. Then check under your game accounts.   If you see Overwatch Beta as one of the options you are in!   If you see the following, you are not.  (The first time I saw this I cheered and then realized that it is just a pre-order teaser.)

Good luck!  Our fingers are crossed for you!   Let us know if you get in!!!

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