Lt. Morales Guide

Lt. Morales is a squishy support with the highest single target healing in the game. Playing her revolves around positioning, keeping within range to heal allies and avoiding high damage enemies. She has no mobility and requires her team to keep sticky heroes such as Illidan from killing her at the beginning of fights. If […]

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Rexxar Guide

Rexxar is a ranged warrior that fight with his pet Misha. Misha is a melee bruiser while Rexxar himself is a squishy ranged DPS. He can throw a Spirit Swoop to damage and slow enemies, make Misha charge, damaging and stunning enemies and he can Mend Pet, healing Misha over time. Role in Current Meta  […]

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Mercy is a ranged support that can heal allies or increase their damage. She can fly to an ally and falls slowly. She can fire off rounds from her sidearm if in need to defend herself. When her allies are dead around her, she can resurrect them at full health to continue the fight. Abilities […]

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Zenyatta is a a ranged support that can send his orbs to damage enemies or heal allies. He can shoot his orbs individually or charge up a rapid fire attack. When the fight looks grim, Zenyatta can put himself in a stasis, becoming invulnerable but unable to act, and heal nearby allies and himself. Abilities  […]

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Nova Guide

Nova is a cloaked ranged assassin that can deal a ton of burst damage. She has no escape and needs to be played carefully. She usually roams the map, looking for kills. Role in Current Meta  Nova can help allies by constantly ganking enemies. She roams the map, looking for enemies and helps her allies […]

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Tyrande Guide

Tyrande is a ranged support that can heal allies, stun enemies, reveal locations and increase the damage an enemy takes for a short duration. She does not heal as well as other healers and should be paired with another healer. Role in Current Meta  Tyrande allows your team to focus one hero down very quickly […]

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Kharazim Guide

Kharazim is a melee support that can dash to enemies or allies, heal nearby allies and speed up his attack speed. He is very mobile and can heal his allies just by attacking enemies. Kharazim is a melee support that can dash to enemies or allies, heal nearby allies and speed up his attack speed. […]

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Sonya Guide

Sonya is a melee warrior that can pull herself to enemies, deal AOE damage while healing and hit for a large amount. She uses Fury rather than mana which is gained from dealing and receiving damage. Role in Current Meta  Sonya does not fit well in the current meta as she doesn’t not survive well […]

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E.T.C. Guide

E.T.C. is a melee warrior that can disrupt enemies and buff allies attack speed. He can heal himself over time and channel a large AOE stun over 5 seconds. He has a fairly low health pool but can heal a lot of his health back. Role in Current Meta  E.T.C. can buff allies attack speed […]

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Chen Guide

Chen is a very tanky melee warrior that can slow enemies, and deal damage. He has decent waveclear and can drink to gain a temporary shield. Role in Current Meta  Chen is very tanky and deals a decent amount of damage, push enemy assassins away through sheer damage. He can slow enemies and use his […]

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